‘He was everything she needs and everything she can never have.’

To save her life, Ivy changes her identity and moves to the other side of the world.  But Blake is no ordinary ex-husband, he is a corrupt private investigator with links to London’s underworld.

Eric Prescott, a handsome and successful property developer knows Ivy is hiding something, and from someone.  At first Eric only wants to help, but soon finds himself falling for this beautiful woman with the haunted eyes. In one night of explosive passion, Ivy finally gives in.  And discovers love,the way it’s meant to be.

Ivy finally dares to believe she is free, but soon faces losing all that she has come to love the day when her ex-husband is released from jail. She knows it is only a matter of time before he will return to serve the full force of his deadly vengeance.

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Praise for Desperate

“Desperate is an exciting, terrifying, captivating book which will have you hooked from the minute you pick it up. The story line was so gripping, and the book so full of suspense that I really struggled to put the book down – I just had to find out what happened next.”

How do you start over while  your past still stalks you?

“I can’t begin to describe just how amazing this book is. It tells the horror of being in a relationship filled with abuse, both emotional and physical. You see the courage of a scared woman that made the decision to leave…Thank you Athena, for this exceptional book.”

“Thrilling romance at it’s best.”

A sensuous tale of love, obsession and freedom.

“What can I say other than I absolutely loved this book from the start, and the prologue really set the pace for a fast-paced plot with lots of suspense and the right touch of romance.” The Romance Studio (TRS)

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